Best Places to Elope in Jackson Hole

 So, you want to get married somewhere pretty. Maybe pretty isn’t the word - what about jaw-dropping, majestic, unforgettable? Rustic or peaceful? I’ve got you covered. 

I’m lucky enough to grow up here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and I love this place down to my toes. As far as wedding venues & locations, Jackson has everything - chapels, ranches, churches… the list goes on and is easily Googleable. (Thats a word now. Yep. Just now). 

But when it comes to tying the knot outdoors,  it can be overwhelming to find the right spot in a place you don’t know all that well. And this is something I feel I bring to the table in a deeply authentic way - these spots aren’t filched from another blog post somewhere. What you get with me is a true, deeply local experience. So without further preamble, here are 5 top spots to get married in  outside in Jackson*. 

1. Schwabacher’s Landing

Sometimes, thing are popular for good reason: because they’re good. And Schwabacher’s Landing isn’t good; it’s great. With roughly a mile and a half of easy walking just steps from the parking area, Schwabacher’s Landing offers grandiose views of the Grand Tetons above still, clear water that provides a perfect reflection. If it sounds dreamy, it’s because it is. Sitting just 30 minutes from town, this is a supreme location for an outdoor ceremony in Grand Teton National Park. 

2. The Wedding Tree

If it isn’t a little bittersweet to be blowing up the old local standby. Ah well. To the wind with secrets. The Wedding Tree is exactly that: a picturesque tree on a mountain not under the Tetons as much as across from them. It’s as if this place was designed for an elopement: a 5 minute walk from your car brings you to a stunning vista overlooking the valley and the Tetons, framed by old growth pines but not enough to block the view. An architect couldn’t do better. 

3. Jackson Lake Overlook

Dropping clear off the beaten bath but maintaining the same level of beauty, Jackson Lake overlook is a winding drive an hour from town but with a spectacular and uncommon vantage point of the Grand Tetons and Jackson Lake at the bottom. One of my favorite places to do engagement sessions as well.

4. Curtis Canyon

Easily the closest from town but with the roughest roads, Curtis Canyon offers grassy knolls with unobstructed views of the mountains. The elevation makes for up-in-the-air photos with a serious backdrop. This doubles as my favorite camping spot in the area.

5. Anywhere in the backcountry.

Yeah, that’s right. Weddings are for dreamers and one of mine is to photograph a couple eloping in Grand Teton National Park. Solitude lake, Delta lake, up Paintbrush canyon or down Cascade canyon - these places are off the beaten path and for the adventurous couple looking for something outside the box. These days, a lot of folks are holding more intimate, destination ceremonies followed by a big party back at home. Not for everyone, but certainly for some.